Tramcar VarioLF3


The three-sectional single-direction eight-axles low-floor motor tramcar VarioLF3

The one-way run vehicle is designed for urban transport and high way lines. It consists of three sections carried by four bogies. The sections are hinged and joints are mounted over center bogies. Height of car floor is sectional i.e. 860/350 mm. Individual sections between bogies have a lower floor, 350 mm above the top of the rail.


The vehicle is equipped with four driven traction bogies fully rotating, with double suspension type KOMFORT. Split frame is main element of every bogies. Every axle is driven by own longitudinally located traction asynchronous motor. The torgue of which is transferred to the gear-box with taper hypoid gearing via Cardan shaft.

Car Body

The construction of the car body has steel framework welded of closed and opened prophiles. The outer lining is made of smooth steel plates, which are connected to the framework by adhesive bonding. The point is to use a split casting, so-called light shell. Laminate forefronts, which are connected to the car body by an adhesive cement. For safe passage between the sections the gangways are being used. On vehicle side there are arranged five double-wing doorways with clear width of 1 300 mm for fast and easy passenger boarding. The internal car outfitting is made to bring both the higher passenger standard and passenger comfort.

Electrical Equipment

It is used an electrical equipment with asynchronous motors with total output of 720 kW, One chopper is fitted for one bogie. Controlling and diagnostic of electrical equipment are provided by modern microprocessor-controlling system. Roof mounted containers house most of the traction equipments.

Vehicle technical data

Wheel gauge (mm) 1435  Car width (mm)2480  Weight of an empty car (kg)  38 000+-5 % Sitting occupancy 61 No. of standing passengers (4 persons/m2) 134  Wheelchair capacity / baby prams 2/2 max. occupancy (8 pers./m2)  329  Installed motor output (kW) 720 Maximum speed (km/hr) 65 Max. acceleration of empty vehicle (m/s2) 1,8 Min. curve radius R 18m Low floor ratio 50 % No. of traction bogies 4  Adhesion weight100%


It is certified subject to international quality standards and manages built-in, documented and implemented Quality Management System according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard.